Association for Hungarian Digital Education

About our Organization

The Association for Hungarian Digital Education (AHDE) is the leading professional association and knowledge-network of and for the most innovative teachers, pedagogy experts and schools. The members are dedicated to the use of digital and mobile technologies and innovative pedagogy based on gamification, collaborative, active and inquiry learning, especially in STEAM education.

AHDE represents:
● 1140 teachers from 417 Hungarian public and/or VET schools – as individual members;
● 58 researchers of digital education – as experts;
● 71 public and VET schools.

The main activities of AHDE focus on teachers’ digital competences development area are as follows:
i) Runs continuous professional development of math and science (STEAM) elementary, secondary and VET teachers in Hungary to use ICT/GeoGebra/digital tools, mobile tech(applications) in the classroom teaching an Technology Enhanced Home-learning;
ii) Builds up capacity of teachers in digital pedagogy, and develop their digital competence;
iii) Develops and runs a “Community of Practice”: a virtual social network and knowledge sharing community of the STEAM teachers and headmasters (455 teachers all over the country);
iv) Runs OD workshops/training for the headmasters about developing digital learning culture in the schools;
v) Supports the schools in digital transformation, managing the change, and development of digital learning/teaching school culture;
vi) Creates a knowledge sharing/network of “what works network“ of and for teachers and schools at national (European level later);
vii) Partnership in various Erasmus+ projects in line with its mission and activities.

The AHDE has a national pool of mentors/trainers for (i) building up the capacity of STEAM teachers in digital pedagogical approaches and their digital competence; (ii) mentoring the implementation of tablets ,mobile devices ,digital educational resources in classroom teaching and supported distance education:
● Elementary STEAM trainers/mentors: 11 teachers;
● Upper and secondary school Math trainers/mentors: 21 teachers;
● Upper and secondary school Science trainers/mentors : 11 teachers.  

Why we are Participating in the Project

The mission of AHDE is to promote, encourage, train and support the quality classroom and home-learning use of digital teaching technologies from K1 to K12 in order to maximize the students’ learning motivation, effectiveness and success. Accordingly, one of the Association’s core activities:
● To support school leadership in the institutional development of digitally enriched quality digital teaching/learning (DELT);
● Including the development of teachers’ digital teaching and students’ digital learning competences;
● The setting up and implementation of the institutional digital education development plan.

This is precisely what the project aims to do and, with the practical implementation of the SELFIE-WBL system, it fully covers part of the Association’s ambitions and objectives. Through this project, we want to give active knowledge effective practical support to our members (directly) and to schools in the country (indirectly) in transforming schools into digital learning organisations, introducing digital pedagogical methods in their institutions and adapting them to the needs of their students.

Our Role in the Project

The Association will be responsible for coordinating and leading the development of CPD self-learning programmes resulting from the project. In doing so, the partners will assess the knowledge gaps of the three target groups (management, teachers/trainers, students) that may be barriers to the effective implementation of the SELFIE-WBL system in practice. In the areas identified, micro-learning-based training/learning programmes will be developed for all the three target groups in 5-5-5 chosen areas in English and in the mother tongue of each partner country.

AHDE wants to bring and share its – involving and relying on the experiences and knowledge of its members – experiences and knowledge in these fields (content and curriculum development, upskilling the teachers, mentoring the use of IoT in teaching and for learning, huge experiences of running community of practice, organisational development and managing organisational change).

Our Team

Tibor Dőri

Tibor Dőri

Secretary General

He had been the director of Open University BS’ Hungarian sole educational partner (1992-2012). He is the expert of adult education, running and developing teachers upskilling trainings, digitally enhanced distance/blended teaching and learning (DELT). He was a member of the board of EADTU (2005-2010); member of the Steering Committee of EfVET since 2005. Having more than 30 years training, and 12 years senior consulting experiences in organisational development and change management he runs teachers trainings on digital teaching/learning, and OD workshops for the school staff/management on developing DELT school culture.

Kornél Dőri

Kornél Dőri


He is a student of the University of Maastricht Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience. He is trilingual in Hungarian, English, and German. As an intern of AHDE, he was involved in the pilot of the SELFIE-WBL and he helps the research activities of AHDE in the field of digital/social isolation, digital loneliness, and their effect on the mental health of students and teachers and student well-being.

Hegyiné Závori Szilvia

Hegyiné Závori Szilvia

Associate team member – head of international relationship and mobility, and head of SELFIE-WBL task force of Újpest Technical School of Bilingual Education.

She, as a teacher of English language and History, has been teaching for more than 20 years at the Újpest Technical School of Bilingual Education. Apart from teaching, She now mainly manages the school’s international relations and mobility, various Erasmus+ and other projects. She has represented her VET school in EfVET since 2017, and has been a co-team chair of the Internationalisation and Mobility Thematic Team since 2022. Her institution was involved in the SELFIE pilot project in Hungary, and She is also responsible for the management and implementation of our participation in the Selfie project.

Bettina Kecskés

head of the administration