About our Organization

EfVET – the European Forum of Technical and Vocational Education and Training – is a pan-European umbrella professional association, established in 1991, with the main purpose of building a network of practitioners VET institutions, to secure a voice across Europe in both European policymaking and practice arenas and establish good practises in the delivery of VET learning. Initially based in the Netherlands, EfVET became an active voice for VET Providers and a conduit for sharing good practices across the VET sector in Europe. Currently, EfVET is based in Brussels and represents over 250 Members organisations based in 35 countries in Europe and beyond, with links to the global state of Technical and Vocational Education and Training.
EfVET has been successful in establishing very good relationships with the European Commission particularly with DG-EMPL (Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion), the unit for VET, Apprenticeships and Adult Learning, acquiring in 2014 the status of permanent interlocutor for the European Commission. EfVET sits on a number of key working groups and coordinating bodies across the European Commission’s policy domain and also advises CEDEFOP European Alliance for Apprenticeships working group. EfVET is also part of VET4EU2, a network of European Associations of VET providers and associations of Higher Education, which has the main purpose to act as key interlocutors on the policy and decision making at European level.
the European Commissions policy domain and also advises CEDEFOP European Alliance for Apprenticeships working group.EfVET is also part of VET4EU2, a networkof EuropeanAssociations  of VET providers and associations of Higher Education, which has the main purpose to actas key interlocutors on the policy and decision making at European level.

Why we are Participating in the Project

EfVET has been actively engaged in the area of Digitalisation and Technology Enhanced, via the participation in different working groups established by the European Commission, as well as via the Thematic Team that has been dedicated to Technology Enhanced Learning and via other Erasmus+ projects aiming at promoting the digitalisation of teaching and learning methodologies in VET. EfVET has also been actively engaged in the promotion of the SELFIE tool launched by the European Commission in 2017. In May 2020 EfVET has been awarded all the lots and piloted the SELFIE WBL tool starting in July 2020 for 7 months in the 4 countries working closely with the National Members. Following the pilot which engaged a significant number of stakeholders (i.e. 59 pilot VET schools; 97 companies; 177 school leaders; 1.221 teachers; 10.294 VET students; 96 in-company trainers; 43 SELFIE WBL institutional coordinators; 101 focus groups with VET learners and teachers; 94 semi-structured interviews with leaders, in-company trainers, and SELFIE WBL institutional coordinators), the partners decided to submit this Erasmus+ KA2 project in order to:

  • support the VET institutions in their further effort to fully understand the results received through the SELFIE WBL institutional report;
  • use these results to effectively address the actions for digital transformation;
  • strengthen the ecosystem and cooperation with companies and other stakeholders;
  • prepare guidelines with recommendations and good practices for all other users of the SELFIE WBL tool to make the use of their report user-friendlier.

Our Role in the Project

While it will not take part directly in the formulation of the project results, EfVET will be involved significantly in dissemination and impact activities. In particular, being the umbrella organisation for Vocational Education and Training in Europe, EfVET will give the project a platform at its conferences, disseminate results to its network of over 200 associations in 33 countries, approximately 200 000 VET professionals and 2.000.000 VET learners as well as bring the results of the project forward to European policymakers particularly within the working groups being represented in directly or through the EU VET providers network VET4EU2. With reference to the Project Results, EfVET plays in the PR CPD solutions for leadership and management/teachers/students a consultative role with the European input and in PR Developing the SELFIE WBL supporting toolkit the role of Quality-check of proposed SELFIE WBL supporting toolkit materials. National coordinators prepare country reports on national level and EfVET brings the European input into the toolkit.

Vittoria Valentina Di Gennaro

Vittoria Valentina Di Gennaro

Former Communication & Project Officer

Vittoria takes care of both the EfVET Corporate Communication and EU Projects Communication & Dissemination. Italian mother tongue, fluent in English, French, Spanish, and with a good knowledge of Portuguese, she has worked for local/national bodies, universities, international organisations, EU institutions and agencies, and NGOs. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science, two Master’s in International Relations and European Projects Planning and

Valentina Chanina

Valentina Chanina

Secretary General

Valentina is responsible for supporting the management of European projects, as well as for the development and promotion of dissemination strategies for European projects. She has very good experience in the elaboration and monitoring of dissemination and exploitation plans and strategies, in the organisation of project events, workshops, and activities, as well as in the conduction of research, analysis task and formal reporting.